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Crazy Nights 35th Anniversary

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Episode 33: Crazy Nights (35th Anniversary)

KISS released their 21st album on September 21st 1987. Paul and Gene worked with the hot producer at the time Ron Nevison for the next chapter of the band. Crazy Night would bring a pop/rock/metal sound for this album. More akin to 1980's Unmasked album but with a heavy keyboard presence.  Speaking of presence, Gene's was almost nonexistent. Gene was spending more time in Hollywood leaving the reigns to Paul and Ron. Eric Carr and Bruce Kulick delivered more on this album with Gene's on again off schedule. The result, a Platinum album for the band  and one that was on heavy rotation at MTV. 

On this episode Nick, Nikko & Rob look back at the album and review song by song, plus they pick their 9 as usual. How about we go back to 1987, push play on the cassette deck and as Paul would say "if life is a radio, turn it up to 10!"  Let's celebrate 35 years of Crazy Night!


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